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Watch out for the Hitman
Watch out...

Here we go back to a groove
back and forth to make you move
Everybody get up to the funky music on the dance floor
and just swing it
Tonight is the night for you to let it out
you get funky while I get house
Now I know that you got soul there
it is put ace in the hole
Feel the vibes while the rhythm control you
I command you to get loose
Yeah I know you like my style
grab a girl and get buck wild
Show me what you got while the noise is pumping
the DJ spinning the crowd is jumping
Turn up the music and let's motivate
do that thing until your body starts to break

Watch out for the Hitman
Watch out...
I wont't give it up baby till you drop get down on your feet
The Hitman makes you move
Get into the groove
Let's turn on the heat
Dance all night
Dance all night
Dance all night
Dance all night
Watch out...

Now it's time to prove that you can move
but rush too fast you might miss the last step
To a dance concept K-swing will drop the power
that will keep you rocking after hours
So come on, let's turn it up a notch
the bass will vibrate while the dance floor will
jump and down when the people start to yell
yeah y'all no time to chill
Dance all night cause you gotta be strong there
it is you gotta move on
So shake and bake your moneymaker
and let me take you to a style
That will make you get down get down to a dope sound
Watch out for the Hitman


Watch out...